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Health Office

Unfortunately, Hollow Hills Fundamental does not have a school nurse on site and we do not have facilities to care for sick children.  If your child is ill, please keep him/her home from school.  We do have wonderful district nurses that we can contact in an emergency.  Please be sure to keep your student's emergency contact numbers current (your work, your cell, grandma & grandpa, etc.).

 Below are some school requirements and guidelines that we hope you will find helpful.

at School
State law, county and district policy is very explicit in reference to medication at school. Students may not carry any medication, including aspirin and cough drops. In order for the office to administer medication (prescription OR over-the-counter) we must have a form signed by the parent and physician with specific instructions.  We are required to record all medication administered.  Students who take medication daily are responsible to come into the office for it.  Dosages for medication must be clearly marked on prescription containers. This form is available in the school office or on our website - Authorization for Any Medication Taken During School Hours
Injury Students returning to school with casts, crutches, wheelchair, stitches, elastic bandages, or slings as a result of an accident or injury must provide a physician’s verification of permission to return to school and may not participate in P.E., noontime activities, recess, or be on the playground before or after school until written release by a physician is received.     This form is available in the school office or on our website-  Re-admission After Accident/Injury

If you discover an infestation, please contact the school office immediately.  All information is confidential, however, it is imperative that we inform you of the proper procedures for treatment and for readmission to school.  In recent years lice has become very resistant to customary treatments.  A child must be “nit free” to return to school.  The shampoos will not kill all the nits and the combs will not remove all of them.  Hair must be sectioned off and the nits pulled out with the fingernails.  If this is not done, reinfestation will occur. 

With communication and cooperation we can, hopefully, keep the problem to a minimum.  Thank you for your help.


With Regard to the Following Communicable Diseases,  a student may legally return to school.......


Chicken Pox 5 days from onset of rash; or after all lesions are dry. 
Student's must be checked-in through the office.
Scarlet Fever 48 hours from the start of effective antibiotic treatment.
Impetigo After treatment by a physician when all areas are treated and covered or dry.
Ringworm When affected areas are treated and covered.
Head Lice After treatment and when hair is free of nits (eggs).
Scabies After adequate treatment by a physician.
Strep Throat 24 hours after first doses of prescribed medicine.
Pink Eye Under treatment for 24 hours or no redness/drainage or by doctor's note.
Fifth Disease No exclusion after rash appears.